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Plan for the future with savings goals and stop overspending once and for all. And with shared goals you can save even faster with your partners, family, and friends.

Share your goal with family and friends to save faster together.Create savings goals and start setting aside money for the important things in life.

Put your savings on autopilot

Automate your savings by creating savings goals and setting aside small amounts automatically every week or every month to any of your banks. Get peace of mind knowing you have a cushion for unexpected expenses, and with no hidden fees, withdrawal limits or market volatility, your money is always safe.

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Financial responsibility without the hassle

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Goal based planning

Savings goals help you prepare for the important moments in life.

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Automate Savings

Stop just tracking your spending and start planning your spending.

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Save more together

Easily share goals with family and friends who would like to support you.

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Private and secure

We keep your data secure with bank-level encryption and privacy compliance.

Benefits of savings

  • Save on interest fees
  • Cover sudden expenses
  • Get peace of mind
  • Financial independence
  • Early retirement

Why you can trust us

We have partnered with industry leaders like Plaid and Stripe to make the best budget planner app for better money management.

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Proven Method

Start saving with proven methods based on simple, tried and true rules for money management from top finance experts.
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Security & Privacy

We don't store any logins. Your data is secured using bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption while in transit and at rest.
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Get notifications and alerts about your spending to stop fraud, avoid overdraft fees and improve credit score.
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