A budgeting app that actually works

With a proven method based on the 50/30/20 rule, we'll help you stop overspending and start saving for what matters in life.

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Connect your bank accounts

No more jumping from app to app to see how much money you have or where your money is going. See all your bank accounts in one place and know exactly how much you can safely spend.

View all your bank accounts in one place.
Start budgeting to prevent overspending.
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Set a monthly spending limit

Stop overspending for good by sticking to a monthly limit. We automatically detect your income and spending habits, and show you how much you can save each month, and how much you can spend.

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Plan for the future

With savings goals, you can set aside money automatically and view your progress at a glance. Imagine what you can do with the extra money in your bank account: travel, make great memories, buy your dream home or even start your own business. Don’t let a lack of planning stop you from achieving your goals.

Create savings goals and start setting aside money for the important things in life.
New users save an average of $400 on their first month