Earn more with Referrals

Who doesn't love free money? We know everyone does! That's why we are excited to announce an update to our referral bonuses that makes it easier than ever to invite your friends to join ClearMoney while earning you cash simultaneously.

You will earn $25 for every friend you refer to ClearMoney as soon as they sign up for an account through your referral link (or applies your referral code) AND deposit at least $1 into a shared savings goal, within 45 days of opening an account.

Help your friends build their savings and earn $25 when they join!

Your friends at ClearMoney

How exactly does it work?

  • Head to the Home screen of the ClearMoney app
  • Tap "Invite Friends, Get $25" to find your referral link
  • Tap "Share"

We think earning free money should be easy and transparent and sharing the love of the ClearMoney community with your friends is even better. Try it today!

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